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How many games can I make with a template?

As many as you like - unlimited games can be made with each template.

How do I create a quiz?

You can watch a 1 minute tutorial here. Or follow the instructions below:

1)  Open your UQuiz Games Quiz Maker file.

2)  Enter a quiz name and all questions and answers or upload a Quiz File.

3)  Upload your headshot image (optional).

4)  Click Create Quiz. The Quiz Maker will close and your new quiz will open in file explorer.

How long does it take to make a new quiz?

The computer skills required to alter the Question List file are very basic. Most people will have a new quiz created within 5-10 minutes depending on your cut and paste skills or typing speed.

Check out our FAQs below for common queries or view our 

What is the easiest way to run a quiz?

If you join UQuiz Games as a member you can post your game with us and simply share the link with anybody you choose. They can play the game on any internet capable device with a web browser. It works just like the demo games on our games page.

How many questions does the quiz need to be?

You can choose to create a quiz with 1 to 10 questions.

Can I edit a quiz after it has been created?

If you create your quiz by uploading a Quiz File then you simply make changes to this file then use the updated Quiz File to create a new quiz.

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How do I post a game to UQuiz Games?

We have a video tutorial that guides you through this process. 

There are various 3rd party websites that will make you UQuiz game file compatible with web browsers. We recommend using to complete this. You simply upload your game file and it will provide you with an embed code. Then, in your member account create a new post and paste the embed code into it. You can then send the link to others to play the game. 

How do I make a photo of my face the right size for the game?

When you download a game you will receive a "Head Framing Tool" which will guide you through the process of creating an appropriate photo of your face to use with the game.

What are the system requirements for UQuiz Games?

You will require a desktop version of Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel 2007-2019 (Office 365 is unsuitable) and Windows 7 or newer.